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Business & Executive Coaching

You are probably aware that these days, many organisations use coaching very effectively. Recent research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) states that 63% of organisations are involved in some form of coaching activity.


How coaching can help you and your organisation?


  • The main focus of coaching is on improving performance.  Since at its very core, coaching is a strong driver for improving personal performance, the organisation then benefits.


  • By helping people become more self-aware, more in tune with their strengths and weaknesses, coaching can help identify any blocks in their performance which can then be worked on.


  • Coaching can help leaders and managers to understand and therefore enhance their working relationships. This in turn improves leadership and management capability, thereby creating a cascading improvement in performance down to the teams they manage.


  • Coaching can help leaders identify and work on the strategic issues facing their business or organisation.


  • In times of change or re-structuring, coaching can help shift an organisational climate or culture. A coach approach in management helps organisations move from fear to trust, from teaching to learning, from imposed values to inner values.


  • Improve employee motivation and engagement through coaching, particularly when the organisation may be going through a difficult time. It is also increasingly becoming a key recruitment and retention tool for top executives.

“Business coaching has gone from fad to fundamental. Leaders and organizations have come to understand how valuable it can be, and they’re adding “the ability to coach and develop others” to the ever-growing list of skills they require in all their managers... Broadly speaking, the purpose is to increase effectiveness, broaden thinking, identify strengths and development needs and set and achieve challenging goals.”

Forbes Magazine 2010

Executive & Business Coaching to fit your requirements


If you believe you or your organisation could benefit from coaching, then call or email today to arrange a complimentary consultation.  I work with creative and talented individuals and small to medium dynamic companies to increase their potential and success by helping them gain new insights, clarity and enthusiasm to achieve their goals and ambitions.  With a range of services and approaches that can be tailored to suit your needs, there is bound to be a solution that fits your requirements.  Session length varies between 1-2 hours and can be delivered face to face, via Skype or over the phone.


  • Boost my Business – where is your organisation now, and where does it want to go?

  • Boost My Team – improve communication, identify blocks and increase productivity

  • Boost my Leadership Skills – gain new perspectives, challenge your assumptions and hone your talents

  • Vision & Values – get under the skin of your business and craft a foundation that really supports growth

  • Boost You – one on one Executive coaching to develop your career and personal foundation and therefore improve all aspects of your life


As well as one-to-one coaching, Boost You is happy to work with groups. Perhaps you're in a team that needs to boost its performance? Or you're about to start a business and you want to be sure your partners have the same vision as you? Group coaching sessions are designed to gain clarity and deliver greater effectiveness.

To find out more about the coaching options for you and your organisation, click here.


“As in previous years, coaching and in-house development remain among the most effective talent management activities.”

CIPD Survey 2013

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