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Boost Me:

Life/Personal Coaching


What do you want?


It’s a simple question but it can be one of the hardest to answer.  Helping to define and get clear on what you really want is the first step towards achieving it.  Then exploring what reaching that goal will get for you helps you understand more deeply what your values are around that.


Take look at the statements below and see if any of them resonate with you.

"I would like to create and develop ideas I've had for ages, though up until now, I've lacked the motivation or inspiration to see them through."


"I'd like to cope better with some major changes that have occurred in my life."


"I would like to enjoy peace and harmony within me."


"I want to feel a real sense of achievement at the end of my day, week, month and year."


“I want to have a better work/life balance.”


"I just want to move on from the rut I'm in."

Perhaps you have a whole heap of ‘wishes' and ‘if only's' you could list here instead? Take heart, you are not alone. Many of us reach cross-roads in our lives, or periods where we know we need to move on - and we're just not sure how to. That's where coaching comes in.


How can coaching help me?

The coaching relationship designed and developed through Boost You, is created in a way to help you improve a slice, or indeed the ‘whole cake' of your life from the here and now – not through dwelling in the past. By helping you gain greater insight in to what you want to achieve and setting realistic, do-able goals, then encouraging and positively motivating you towards achieving those goals, you can go out there and do it for yourself. Your new, more positive mind-set will allow you to attract what you want.

A safe space

Imagine a safe, judgement-free space in which you can explore your ideas and feelings on a regular basis? Every coaching conversation is different and part of the dialogue is to look at where you are at right now, which could be quite different from where you were two weeks earlier. The coaching relationship is designed to help you shift from inner-doubts and fears to having self-belief so that even beyond the time you work with your coach, you have a positive framework to support that ongoing movement.

Personal Coaching to fit your needs


Boost You coaching is very flexible and so together we determine a coaching approach that best fits your needs. From weekly, fortnightly or even monthly sessions.  Sessions are usually an hour long and can be via phone, Zoom or face-to-face (depending on your location.)

So, are you ready to explore YOU? Then email me today and we can set up your complimentary first coaching session.

Your choice of coach is a very personal one. Ask yourself what kind of coach you want at this stage in your life. What are your specific needs right now? Do you require a coach to help you with personal ambitions, or are the people in your business or organisation in need of a boost so they work more happily, and therefore effectively towards their goals? To find out more about the kind of coaching Boost You provides for organisations, click here.

"My brother connected me to Tanya. I was a doubter, a life-long I-got-myself-into-this-I-can-get-myself-out person. But I needed something – I was in a perfect storm of crises: career/health/money/relationships/age. Tanya was strong, clear-headed and stabilizing. (All that stuff you read here about how nice, supportive, etc she is, is true – but she doesn’t let you off the hook! Trust me.) I am recommending Tanya to my daughter. I can't say more than that."

Paul Cardwel, Executive Creative Director

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