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Fresh Start

So here I am in the last days of 2011, signed up and excited about the NLP course I'm doing in May. After the 2-day Diploma I took just before Christmas, I knew NLP would add some fantastic new tools to my communication tool-box and support me in communicating even more effectively with those around me, and also help me with my coaching.One of my 2012 commitments is to write more and start my own blog, so here's to that one! There are so many predictions for this coming year, and most of them contradictory - from the end of the world, to a shift in global consciousness - it's no wonder people are confused about what is to come. I came across an interesting little site that has collected many of these predictions - which makes for some interesting reading.

From my perspective, every New Year creates the opportunity to reflect upon the last 12 months, and give thought to what you want for the year ahead. Setting intentions, creating some desire for change and then putting in place the actions that lead towards the change you want...these are all helpful activities that create personal shifts. I know as much as the next person that the shift only really occurs once you are committed to the action.So, whatever 2012 brings on the outside, I know that I'm the one that can make the difference to me and those around me from the inside out.namaste and joyful blessings for 2012.


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