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And so it begins...

So here we are, officially in 2012. So far, it's been a good year. I celebrated the end of one year, and the beginning of this one with good friends, and several glasses of bubbly after a great dinner and some dancing around the living room. My little boy snoozed peacefully in the room across the hall. We watched the amazing London fireworks display on a very large flat screen, then found that as awesome as the display was, 11 minutes just seemed a little too long. Perhaps a bit too much money up in smoke...

My biggest challenge with even beginning this blog was around what to actually write about. How do I make this remotely interesting? Well, in the end, it seems that really that's not the point. What's important is more that I remain interested in what is happening around me; the people I meet, the experiences I participate in; the family and loved ones I have around me. If I remain curious, interested and in a state of wonder, there is always so much to learn. The challenge of course is remaining present to those things happening around me - to catch those moments that will create that intrigue and provide the catalyst for my curiosity. And then I can ask questions and trust my intuition, allowing the right words to emerge. I can then be the observer and the participant.

In one of my interactions today, I could sense my own awkwardness. I found it rather uncomfortable to look upon the person I was speaking with, and as I was conversing and exchanging, I didn't understand why I felt compelled to look away at times. We were just exchanging pleasantries about our respective Christmas breaks, so there wasn't any reason to be uncomfortable. But when I reflected upon this 5 minute exchange later, I came to see that perhaps it was simply down to the fact that I probably wasn't being as authentic as I could have been. I wasn't being totally interested in the conversation and what was being said, I was just doing what I thought needed to be said or talked about. So there you have it - if I had just been a little more interested, I might have been more there, more present. It would have been more interesting.

I shall sign off now and tuck into a delicious Pad Thai my husband has just presented me with. Now that's something I'm very interested in...Until next time.

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