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November 7, 2017

January 25, 2017

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June 4, 2014

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6 Tips for an Autumn Reboot

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Time to freshen up your energy and thinking


Although Spring is often seen as the time to have a clear out and ‘spring clean’, and the start of the new year is viewed as an opportunity to make new commitments, I personally find September to be a great time to freshen up life: create new habits and rhythms, have a clear out, start new projects… 


Maybe it’s a left-over legacy from starting school in September over so many years of one’s early life, when everything about a new academic year felt a bit different: uniform upgrade, new pencil case, classroom, projects; or maybe it’s about coming to the end of the summer and feeling the kind of mellow vibe that accompanies the autumn season as the weather slowly shifts and leaves turn to amber.  Whatever the prompt, this change of season opens up an opportunity to freshen things up and use this pre-winter time to best advantage.


Getting organised, clearing up your clutter and giving your space and mind a re-boot can really set you up for a better winter.


1. Refresh your thinking, spark your creativity


This is a good period to start a new hobby or sign up for a course, as so many begin in September/October.  Always had a hankering to learn a new language or an instrument?  Looking to get crafty or creative and finally get those paints out?  Like the idea of a change in career or direction?  Then why not take advantage of the learning opportunities out there, which are endless.  It’s all there for you, from reading resources to thousands of courses both locally and online. 


What’s more, there are so many benefits to learning new skills, whether to help battle boredom or stagnation in your life or connect with new people. Learning new skills can also enhance your self-esteem and is even said to help combat dementia.


“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”  Henry Ford


2. Cupboard clear outs


If you’ve got school-age kids, then you’re probably on this one already.  Now’s the time to have a good sort out of wardrobes and drawers, clearing out all those ill-fitting or rarely-worn garments to make space – not simply for you to refill it with the new – but also to enjoy the experience of seeing what you actually have.  Selecting clothes, shoes, toiletries more easily makes for a smooth start to the day.


"Freedom is hiding under the clutter." Terri Guillemets 


3. Contact reboot


How many email or phone contacts have you got on your devices that you simply don’t stay in contact with?  You know, that random acquaintance you met on a course 6 years ago; the former work colleague from 2 jobs ago you really thought you’d keep up with, but never did…Then  there are all those social media ‘friends’… You’d be amazed at what you can clear out with an hour or two of focused attention.  It if helps, give yourself a few criteria to help filter out who stays and who goes.  For example, have you seen this person in the last 3 years?  Does this person make you feel good when you are communicating? Can you remember what they look like/sound like?


The other side of this reboot to is to reinvigorate relationships and connect with those whose company you enjoy.  Make that plan you’ve been meaning to make; book in that dinner/weekend/event you’ve wanted to get sorted but haven’t got round to organising.  Get into action with adding a bit of sparkle and interest to your social calendar.


4. Brighten up your space


You’d be amazed at what a difference painting a wall in your living room or bedroom can do for lifting your spirit.  Or how about having a change-around and re-arranging some of the furniture or up-cycling what you have.  Add some fresh new accessories like colourful pillows, throws, rugs or pictures.  Plants too are a great way to add life and energy to your space.


5. Create an energising new vision


This is great if you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated.  Start thinking about what you deeply desire in your life; what you really want.  Is your life aligned with those desires and wants?  One way to energise yourself into action is to create a vision board or colourful mind-map to bring to life the direction you want to go in.  Have fun cutting out images from magazines, or inspiring quotes and paste them on a wall or pin board.  Keep adding to your vision board and give yourself permission to imagine that vision, to