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My Background 

Hi! My name is Tanya Goddard and I am an experienced, qualified and certified coach. I set up Boost You Coaching in 2005 fuelled by a deep desire to help people tap into their innate wisdom and authenticity, find meaning in their lives, explore what they really want, and ultimately flourish and thrive by making the most of their potential.


I spent more than 15 years in advertising and marketing, based in London. During that time, I came to appreciate how motivating, encouraging and nurturing people to be the best they could be, in all areas of their life, had great impact on not only their productivity but also their personal lives too. As I began to stretch and grow personally, embarking on a number of different personal development courses over the years, my desire for change also grew.


So, in 1998, despite an excellent career and great social life, both my husband and I left our respective jobs, sold up and moved to Costa Rica, ready for a new life adventure! Here, we explored different opportunities from web design and publishing to farming. We built our lovely octagonal home – affectionately known as The Mothership - on an organic farm up in the coastal hills. This small community was just at the point of growing and expanding and ready for some new input and contribution. After building our house, we decided to head back to London to take advantage of some other work opportunities that would allow us to further create our dream space in Costa Rica.

It was while I was in a coached training session for one of my freelance contracts back in London that I had this incredible revelation. As I watched and participated in the coaching session, I realised that this was what I wanted to do: coaching! This profession could allow me to use a culmination of all my various skills, with a focus on people. I settled on Coach U for my training requirements and embarked on five years’ study to qualify as a coach. 

When my son was born in 2009, we settled back in the UK where I continued my professional and personal development including diploma courses in NLP, Hypnotherapy, ADHD and more, with a view to continually enhancing my offering to my clients. More recently I completed and am certified for Transformational Coaching through Ali Campbell’s training.


Besides coaching and being a mum, I have many diverse interests including DJing at festivals/events and I love doing my fortnightly radio show called The Hug. I also do a bit of event production, enjoy cooking, yoga, and other creative pursuits.

So, are you ready to go on a journey with me to really maximize the joy available to you? Book your free consultation call today

Maximise your potential with Boost You Coaching

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tanya's Boost You Coaching services to anyone. Her sensitive, personable and highly tailored approach has provided me with the clarity and awareness I was looking for before the process and I've every confidence it can provide the same long-lasting results for many others looking to move forward in their lives." 

Simon B, UK

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