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What my clients say...

I'm grateful to do a job I love and have been fortunate to work with some amazing people over the years. I'm pleased to say that my clients have enjoyed the many benefits coaching provides them with.  On this page you can read what some of them had to say about what they gained from their experience..

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Life Coaching

Simon W, UK

“Tanya is helping me both professionally and personally and her warmth and unwavering strength during our sessions, no matter how difficult, has really helped me to start facing the tasks at hand.”
Executive Coaching

Patrick B, UK

“I have had some of the most important, difficult and rewarding conversations of my professional life with Tanya. She’s remarkable.  She understands the creative psyche – and the positive and negatives of that – as well as anyone I know.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Teen/Young Adult Coaching

Fred G (18)

“I worked with Tanya over 4 sessions and they completely changed my perception of my life and how to cope with challenges.  She’s not only helped my mental health tremendously but in the process I was also able to push my grades up by a significant margin.  She’s incredibly easy to talk to and form a bond with so we got along great and were able to solve a lot of issues I faced this year.”
Transformational Coaching

Lana S, UK

“I was at a crossroad in my life and had the perfect and wonderful opportunity to connect with Tanya. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of uncovering my layers of knowingness with her incredible support.   She is truly a unique and intuitive spirit, I feel blessed to have experienced Tanya's wisdom and guidance.  I felt safe, supported and in complete trust all the way. If you are in need of any direction or support in any way, I invite you to go on a beautiful journey with Tanya. From my heart, you won't be disappointed.  I definitely feel a shift and transformation enabling me to keep diving deeper. After all, it is an inside job!”
Image by Linus Nylund

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