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What they say

I've been blessed to work with some amazing people over the years, and I'm pleased to say that my clients have enjoyed the many benefits coaching provides them with.  Here are a few testimonials to give you a taster of what some of them think of their coaching experiences.

"I returned to work after Maternity leave facing typical challenges around career direction and progression, whilst pursuing the holy grail of work life balance, when a close friend recommended Tanya. It's because I get so much out of our calls that I make the time for them - even though finding the time sometimes feels like a Herculean task. There are times when I'm not sure what we'll talk about on our calls, all I know is that after a session with Tanya I feel clearer, I feel energised, I feel enormously positive and I know exactly what I need to do next. Over the year that I have worked with Tanya I have felt my confidence grow to levels I have never known before, my actions are braver and I am able to approach life without fear. Have I created the balance I was looking for? I know I'm on my way to achieving it and one thing I'm certain of is that it will be Tanya's coaching that gets me there. I would urge any professional to give Tanya a try, you will be far richer for the experience."

Emma Perkins, Creative Director


"Tanya has been a calm & supportive influence providing encouragement and guidance in helping me turn things around in my life and make me feel so much more positive about what the future holds. Having gained new insights from the coaching Tanya has provided, I'm now able to face the same challenges from a new positive perspective and l really don't think I could have got to this point without her help."

KS, London

"I was going around in circles and stuck in a rut, that was until Tanya came into my life. I was excited about my next conversation with her, I came away  from them feeling lighter, happier and in control of who I am. The tools she provided helped me improve my life as an individual, wife, mother and friend. I would recommend Tanya to anyone who is stuck in a rut and looking for the “What Now?” answer."

Debborah Schoular, London

"I sought out Tanya's help as a life coach when I had a difficult life decision to make and was feeling at a 'crossroads' and quite emotional. Immediately, at our first meeting I felt at ease and able to chat openly about what was affecting me. Tanya is warm and empathetic and wholly professional. At each of our sessions I have felt listened to, and Tanya has always asked if I would value her guidance and suggestions. Her insightful input to my coaching has always been a help as has the email follow up with apt quotes and exercises. I am now at a point in our coaching relationship where I feel empowered and so much more confident about the actions I choose to take."

Sally L, Forest of Dean

"I'd known Tanya for many years so when she began coaching to share her love of people I was delighted to be able to work with her professionally.  She helped us understand and articulate our company values, things we already knew but needed help to quantify. She's a great listener and through perceptive questioning helped us arrive at something genuine and honest, values that have stood the test of time.  Throughout this time she was also an excellent coach for me personally, always ready to act as a sounding board for ideas and challenges that it wasn't always possible to discuss with colleagues or family.  I would definitely recommend having someone like Tanya on your side if you're a sole proprietor or owner-manager like me."

Simon Wilcox, Managing Director, Digital Craftsmen

"Tanya was brilliant. She was a calm force in working with me to move aspects of my life forward, and with her expert guidance and support, I'm now truly living the life I want and deserve. Her passion, warmth and kindness made a real difference too. Thank you, Tanya. "

Lorna Fox, London Wildlife Trust

"Tanya's approach is both systematic and tailored to your own immediate working culture. She provides insightful feedback and helpful techniques to develop leadership skills in complex and demanding environments. And she challenges assumptions and attitudes while providing a safe place to learn. I would wholeheartedly recommend her."

Adrian Thomas, Head of media and external relations, British Red Cross

"My brother connected me to Tanya. I was a doubter, a life-long I-got-myself-into-this-I-can-get-myself-out person. But I needed something – I was in a perfect storm of crises: career/health/money/relationships/age. Tanya was strong, clear-headed and stabilizing. (All that stuff you read here about how nice, supportive, etc she is, is true – but she doesn’t let you off the hook! Trust me.) I am recommending Tanya to my daughter. I can't say more than that."

Paul Cardwell, Executive Creative Director

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tanya's Boost You Coachng services to anyone. Her sensitive, personable and highly tailored approach has provided me with the clarity and awareness I was looking for before the process and I've every confidence it can provide the same long-lasting results for many others looking to move forward in their lives."

SB, Record Label Owner, London

“I think its fair to say that I was slightly sceptical prior to my first coaching session however nearly a year down the line, I’m more than benefiting from my experience.Empowerment probably best describes the change Tanya has instilled within me, in both my personal and professional life. Gone are the days of ‘that’s just the way I am’ and ‘what will be will be’. Now I have the belief and realisation that it’s only me stopping my progression and dreams. Highly recommended, and excuse the cliché but it really has been life changing – which my wife and business partners can vouch for.”

Simon Crosby, Managing Director, MoHawk

"Tanya is a very empathetic, sweet-natured person. She has this special skill of keeping you on track at the same time as being non-critical and supportive. Tanya teaches you how to circumnavigate around problems that seemed previously insurmountable; how to get around obstacles sometimes even transforming them into opportunities, she is amazing! In my 3 months with her help I have learned all sorts of helpful techniques to unlearn old habits and improve my life dramatically. I truly think that everyone should have this opportunity to change and improve their lives; this will help anyone out a huge amount towards their goals. Those that are really dedicated will get the proportional rewards of success to the effort they choose to put in. Success all the way, really, I dare you to give it a try – there is no way you cannot benefit from life coaching with Tanya!"

L Galpin, Cost Rica

“Tanya, thank you for the huge difference you have made to my world and my experience of life. Your support, advice, kindness and guidance have produced fantastic results in the specific areas of my life that I wanted to work on so thank you for all you have done.”

R Ryder, MD, London

"Boost You/Tanya's extraordinary talent has enabled me to love myself again and take positive control of my life."

A Yorke, Wales

“Life Coaching with Tanya has been a great way to take the wheel and steer towards fulfilling my personal potential. I feel closer to knowing and loving myself completely. My relationships are improving, I am making more money…things are on the up and up across the board.”

S Nelson, Costa Rica

"Tanya has an innate ability to observe a person and then coach in a way that the recipient finds themselves wanting to learn and improve their lives through the course of actions they develop together. So beautifully does she do this that there is no painful lesson to endure – instead, there is a dawning realization of the power of the self, and the importance of self-love. She is a warm, loving human being who truly cares about people, and she encourages them to reach inside and try to be the best they can be."

CW, Group Account Director, London

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